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American Association of Advertising Agencies.
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Audit Bureau of Circulation. An organization that conducts audits of magazine and newspaper circulation numbers.
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Above the Fold
Material, such as an ad, appearing above the fold in a broadsheet newspaper. While the meaning has been lost, this term has been carried over into Internet marketing. In that context it means an ad that appears on the screen when a Web page first appears, without the need for the viewer to scroll down to see it. Because browser screen sizes vary a standard of 800 pixels wide by 600 high is usually assumed (thus, "above the fold" means in the first 600 pixels), however this standard will likely change as higher resolutions become the norm.
Contributed by: ManagerWise Staff
See: Broadsheet Newspaper
Absorption Pricing
The setting of a product price such that it includes both the variable cost of making each item plus an appropriate portion of the fixed costs incurred by the company.
Accordian Insert
An ad insert that has been folded like an accordian. ( i.e.: //// )
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Account Executive
The advertising agency employee who is responsible for maintaining the relationship between the agency and the client.
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A local television commercial spot that is purchased in a time period that usually is adjacent to a network program.
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Sponsored mass communications.
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Advertising Allowance
Money a manufacturer gives to another member of the distribution channel (wholesaler, distributor, sales representative, affiliate, value added reseller, retailer, etc.) for the purpose of advertising the manufacturer's product, service or brand.
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Advertising Medium
The collection of all advertising vehicles of a particular type. For example television is an advertising medium, newspapers is another, etc. (Plural: Advertising Media)
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Advertising Specialty
A product (such as a t-shirt, baseball cap, pen, paper weight, etc.) displaying a logo or other promotional image. Sometimes jocularly (or occasionally disparagingly) referred to as "trinkets and trash." (Synonym: Logo Merchandise.)
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Advertising Substantiation
A (US) Federal Trade Commission regulatory program that requires advertisements to provide documented support of the claims made in advertisements.
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Advertising Vehicle
The specific entity into which an advertisement is placed.
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A print or Web advertisement designed to look like a news story. The televison or radio equivalent is known as an "infomercial".
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Advocacy Advertising
Advertising that promotes a political view, social cause, controversial issue or other point of view rather than a product, service or organization.
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