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Typically used in the automotive industry, but not exclusive to it, the aftermarket is the supply of goods that add on to or repair an original purchase. For example, a customer that buys a new car stereo sometime after having taken delivery of his or her car is buying in the aftermarket.
Agate Line
A measure of newspaper advertising size. Equal to one column wide and one fourteenth of an inch deep.
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Agency of Record
The advertising agency that has been given a contract to buy media space (and usually, but not necessarily, to produce the advertising/commercials that are to fulfill that space) on behalf of a client.
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Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. This is a traditional model of the purpose and flow of marketing communications and direct sales efforts:
  1. Create attention;
  2. Generate interest;
  3. Develop desire;
  4. Initiate action.
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Aided Recall
The ability to recall information about an advertisement, product, service or brand, but only after the subject has been prompted by naming/describing the advertisement, product, service or brand. The level of aided recall in recipients of marketing communications is used as one measure of communication effectiveness, although a weaker measure than unaided recall.
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See: Unaided Recal
Ambush Marketing
A deliberate attempt to gain the benefits of being associated with a major event, such as the Olympics, the Academy Awards, etc., without being an official sponsor or paying the fees associated with official sponsorship.
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See: Sponsorship
Agency of Record
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See: Agency of Record
Average Order Volume
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See: Average Order Volume
Art Director
The advertising agency employee responsible for creating artwork and layouts for advertisements.
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The physical aspects of a retailer's premises (typically a physical store, but possibly also an on-line store) that contributes to the retailer's image as perceived by the customer. Aspects of atmospherics include, but are not limited to, store decor, staff demeanor and wardrobe, and any amenities provided to customers.
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Attitude Structure Analysis
The determination of perceptions, preferences and perceived benefits for various market segments.
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See: Market Segment
All people, households, or organizations that read, view, or hear a particular marketing communication vehicle.
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Audience Accumulation
The number of people, households, or organizations exposed to a single media vehicle over a designated period of time.
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Audience Composition
An analysis of an audience based on characteristics relevant to an advertiser.
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Audience Duplication
People, households, or organizations that read, view, or hear an advertisement or other marketing communication vehicle more than once, whether through a single media vehicle or a a combination of media vehicles.
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