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Call to Action
A statement, usually at the end of a marketing piece, encouraging the reader/viewer/listener to take the action that is the objective of the piece. This action may be buying the company's product or service, or simply taking the next step in the sales cycle, such as arrange a product demonstration.
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A line of text beside, above or below a photograph or illustration. It typically highlights a detail in the graphic, verbalizes the analogy implied by the graphic or emphasizes the message delivered through the graphic.
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A (United States) law with a number of provisions that restricts the use of unsolicited emailings for commercial purposes. Under this act, there are a number of stipulations that, to avoid breaking the law, must be adhered to when sending unsolicited commercial email messages. Fines for any contraventions of this law can be quite severe so you should review the act before undertaking any email marketing campaigns. Text of the act can be found here.
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An action, such as the launch of a product that is competitive with or a substitute for another of the same company's products, that lessens the revenue of one of a company's products. One reason why a company might undertake an action that cannibalizes the sales of one of its products is, "if you don't cannibalize yourself, someone else will do it for you." Multiple similar products with somewhat different features that appeal to different market segments, even if there is some crossover from one segment to segments already addressed by one of the company's other products, are likely to, in total, capture a larger share of the broader market and, possibly, block competitors' entry into the targeted segments.
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Car Card
An advertisement placed in public transit (bus, subway, trolley, etc.)
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Card Deck
A collection of post card size advertisements, each promoting a different product, service, brand, organization or event, distributed as a group. The post card is usually pre-addressed, and often postage-paid, to be mailed back to the advertiser to request more information, place an order, register for an event, etc.

Card decks are often an advertising service of magazine publishers, but may also be an independent service.
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Card Rate
The rate for advertising as appears on the media outlet's rate card. Discounts against this rate may be available depending on volume purchased and current supply and demand.
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Center Spread
An advertisement appearing as a single printed sheet running across both facing pages at the center of a publication. This is considered favorable placement both because it is a single, unbroken sheet flowing across two pages and because the publication tends to naturally fall open at the center spread.
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Channel Marketing
Active management of a sales channel from a marketing perspective, with the aim of making that channel attractive, customer friendly and efficient. Meaning: marketing communication, product marketing and e.g. buying incentives.
Chesire Label
Paper specially designed to allow name and address labels to be mechanically affixed to individual mailing pieces, thus allowing the process to be automated.
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Classified Advertising
Print or Web advertising that is classified as to the product or service offered. Classified advertising typically, but not necessarily, contains only text, not graphics.
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In direct marketing, the removal or revision of a name and/or its related data on a customer/prospect list. This done to correct errors (although they might not have originally been an error, such as an old address on file after someone moves), remove duplicate entries on the list or improve the quality of the list data in any other way.
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See: direct marketing
This is a Web term. A click-through is counted if a viewer clicks on a Web page ad, thereby triggering the link assigned to it.
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Click-Through Rate
The number of times a Web page ad is clicked on as a percentage of the number of times the ad is displayed.
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Closing Date
The final date by which artwork, video or audio material must be received by the media outlet for it to appear in the desired issue or time slot.
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