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The joint funding (e.g., by a retailers and manufacturers) of marketing communications activity.
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Co-op Database
A database of customers and prospects formed by merging the databases from two or more different owners. All owners can then make use of the merged database for direct marketing purposes.
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See: Direct Marketing
Coated Stock
Paper that has been coated so that it has a smooth and glossy finish.
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Cold Call
A sales call made to someone with whom you have had no previous contact. Cold calls are typically made over the phone, but the definition of the term does not preclude an in-person visit.
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Any material describing a product, service and/or company that is used to support sales and marketing efforts. The material can be electronic (such as on a CD-ROM) or printed.
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Compiled List
A list of people with common traits that are of interest to a marketer. The compiled list can be assembled from multiple sources. Compiled lists are often assembled from publicly available sources such as telephone books.
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A service (such as advertising time or space) that is exchanged for another service (such as printing, accounting, or any other service) rather than for cash.
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Controlled Circulation
Free distribution of a magazine or other publication to a list of people, households or organizations restricted by some defining characteristic such as occupation, industry, hobby, etc.
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Conversion Rate
In Direct Response Marketing the number of sales divided by the number of orders taken for a given campaign.
The spoken or written words in a marketing communications vehicle.
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Copy Testing
Research that measures responses to marketing communication copy in a test environment to evaluate the copy's effectiveness in fulfilling the intended objectives.
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The legal ownership that protects literary, music, or artistic work.
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Someone who writes text for marketing communications material.
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Corrective Advertising
Advertising that the relevant regulator requires an advertiser to run in order to correct a false impression that was created by a previous advertisement.
Cost Per Click
Applicable only to Web advertising. This is the fee that is paid to the Web publisher each time a visitor clicks on an ad. Abbreviated as CPC. This contrasts with a campaign that is bought based on the number of impressions delivered and paid for on a cost-per-thousand (CPM) basis.
Contributed by: MarcommWise Staff
See: Cost Per Thousand

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