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Fact Sheet
A document containing factual information about a product, service, company or event, without high-pressure sales or flowery language.

By definition, a fact sheet is printed on a single sheet. Printing may be on one or both sides and the sheet may be large and folded to create multiple pages. However, a fact sheet is typically one single or double-sided page and rarely folds into more than two single or double-sided pages.
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Information inserted into a form letter to personalize it. Examples may include the recipient's name, address or information about past purchases.
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The scheduling of advertising over time such that the amount of advertising varies according to a predetermined pattern, usually including some periods without any advertising.
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Focus Group Discussion
A qualitive market research technique. The researcher or research organization assembles a group of individuals who are representative of a target market. A moderator focuses discussions on a series of topics of interest to the research sponsor. If the target market consists of distinct segments, multiple focus groups, each consisting solely of representatives of a single segment, may be assembled to focus on reactions of that segment without the risk of influence by members of other segments.
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Four Color
Artwork reproduced in full color.
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Fractional Ad
An ad that occupies less than a full page in a publication.
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A self-employed service provider.
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Freestanding Insert
Marketing literature (such as a brochure) that is delivered with a newspaper as an insert as opposed to being printed as part of the newspaper's regular pages.
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The number of times that an individual or household sees a particular marketing message within a given timeframe.
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Friend of a Brand
The term refers to a partcular situation when a brand (say-A) normally promotes another brand (say B) at its own cost; whereas the brand B doesn't show any favour to the company which is promoting it. Brand A which is promoting B is called the friend of B. Ffor example, suppose there is a company which produces noodles specially for kids. Now, suppose they start giving any partular super hero comics or poster with every purchase of their brand. Now what will happen is that kids will go to buy noodles not because they want to have noodles, but because they want to get that poster or comics of that particular super hero. In this way, the noddles brand wil get its sales increased and the super hero brand will also have its sale of comics increased. In this way, the super hero brand is not paying anything to the noodles company, but it is getting promoted by that.that is why the noodles company will be called as the friend of the super hero brand.
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Front Matter
Introductory and organizational material that comes before the main content of a document. Examples of front matter include: title page, table of contents, copyright material, publication data, etc.
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Fulfillment House
A company to which another company can outsource fulfillment processes, i.e. a company that fulfills orders or literature requests on behalf of another company. Also known as a fulfillment shop.
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See: Fulfillment
Fulfillment Piece
Any marketing material that is sent in response to a reader, viewer or listner's request for more information.
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See: Fulfillment, Fulfillment House
Fulfillment Shop
Also known as a fulfillment house.
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See: Fulfillment House, Fulfillment
Full Position Ad
An ad that is surrounded on all sides by non-advertising reading material rather than filling a whole page or being placed next to another ad. Readers are more likely to read full position ads than ads that are isolated from the editorial material.
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