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Reduce various costs and hope that sales hold up.
Contributed by: Ralph Mickey
A period of time during which advertising is not run.
Contributed by: MarcommWise Staff
(If you're not familiar with printing terminology, it's not what you think.) In printing, a spot or imperfection in the printing, due to dirt on the film, flakes in the ink, or any other cause.
Contributed by: MarcommWise Staff
High-Touch Service
Customer service that includes a high level of personal (as opposed to automated, machine-based) interaction with customers.
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See: Low-Touch Service
"Hits" is an ambiguous Web term.

It is often used to mean one person viewing one Web page. Using this definition, one person looking at 10 pages on a site would register 10 hits. (A more accurate and more common term for this is "page views".)

Occasionally "hits" is taken to mean the number of visits to a site. I.e., if one person comes to a site once, but looks at 10 pages during that visit, it would, under this use of the word, be counted as one hit. (The more accurate and more common term for this is "visits".)

The official definition of "hits" is the number of objects, of any type, downloaded to Web browsers. Thus, if a Web page has 10 graphical elements and one Java program then, if the viewer waits for all of the elements to load, it would count as 12 hits -- 1 for the page itself, one for the Java program and 10 for the graphics.
Contributed by: MarcommWise Staff
Horizontal Publication
A business publication targeted at individuals who share common interests, responsibilies or positions, regardless of the industry in which they work.
Contributed by: MarcommWise Staff
House Agency
An advertising agency that is owned and operated by the advertiser.
Contributed by: MarcommWise Staff
House List
A mail, telephone or e-mail list compiled and therefore owned by a company rather than being purchased or rented from a third party. (A list bought with a contract that allows unlimited use would, after purchase, become part of the purchaser's house list.)
Contributed by: MarcommWise Staff
House Organ
A company-published newsletter or magazine.
Contributed by: MarcommWise Staff
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