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Image Advertising
Rather than promoting a product or service's specific attributes, image advertising promotes an overall perception of a company, product or service. Image advertising is generally used to position a product relative to the competition. For example, to create an image of it as a luxury product.
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On the Web, an impression is counted when an ad is displayed once. If an ad has had 10 impressions that could be 10 times to the same person (likely on different pages of a site) or it could be 10 different people each seeing the ad once -- or any combination that totals 10.

In other media, an impression is counted when the ad is seen once by one person.
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Industrial Advertising
Advertising of industrial goods and services to manufacturers.
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A television or radio commercial designed to look like a documentary or news story. The print or Web equivalent is known as an "advertorial".
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A single placement of an ad in a publication.
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Insertion Order
An advertiser's authorization (often through the advertiser's ad agency) for a publisher to run an ad in a specific issue at the agreed upon rate.
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Integrated Marketing Communication
The use of a mix of all appropriate marketing communication disciplines, media and vehicles in a well coordinated campaign to achieve a unified objective or set of objectives.
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Internet Reputation Management
Internet Reputation Management or Online Reputation Management is the complex process of building, monitoring, defending and maintaining a personal or corporate reputation across online media. Internet Reputation Management enhances a positive Web presence, by combining online Marketing and PR strategies.
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Island Display
A point-of-purchase display away from competitive products, typically in the middle or at the end of an aisle.
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