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Those consumers who adopt the product/service as it reaches the end of its lifecycle. They usually pay a competitive price for the benefit of waiting.
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The amount of space that appears between the lines within a paragraph (as opposed to the space between paragraphs) in a printed document. (Pronounced "ledding".)
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Any item that a sales person leaves with the prospective customer after a sales call. The leave-behind is intended to jog the prospect's memory about the sales call and the product or service being sold.
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A firm that undertakes the production and mailing of sales letters and other marketing communication vehicles on other organizations' behalf rather than its own.
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Lifetime Value
The net present value of all future purchases expected from a customer. ("Net present value" means that future sales are discounted to take into account the fact that a dollar received tomorrow is worth less than a dollar received today.)
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List Broker
A company or individual who sells or rents mail, telephone or e-mail lists. The lists may have been assembled by the broker or, more likely, by a third-party organization that uses the broker as its sales agent.
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List Rental
Rather than being purchased, mail, telpehone and e-mail lists are often rented for one-time use or a limited number of uses. Mailing, calling or e-mailing people on the list more than the specified number of times is a breach of contract. (If someone on the list responds to the initial campaign, the list renter is then considered to "own" that name and can then conduct unlimited communications with the person or organization.)
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A graphic element used to identify a company, product, service, or brand. The logo is typically trademarked to protect it from use by other companies.
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Logo Merchandise
A product (such as a t-shirt, baseball cap, pen, paper weight, etc.) displaying a logo or other promotional image. Sometimes jocularly (or occasionally disparagingly) referred to as "trinkets and trash." (Synonym: Advertising Specialty.)
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A company or brand name rendered in a specific graphical style and color. This differs from a logo, which is usually an icon representing the company or brand.
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Low-Touch Service
Customer service that includes a low level of personal interaction with customers. This does not necessarily mean that there is little interaction with customers. A high level of interaction may occur through Web-based systems, vending machines or automated kiosks.
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See: High-Touch Service
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