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The use of broadcast media to target very narrow interests (such as a cable channel dedicated exclusively to trout fishing).
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Embedding one enclosure inside another before inserting it into an envelope.
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The use of brain-mapping technologies, such as functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) and Quantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG), to study brain activity that occurs in response to stimuli such as buying decisions or exposure to advertising images and messaging. This is believed to provide more accurate insight into people's psychological reactions to these stimuli and, hence, their actions in buying situations because:
  • People can't always verbalize their feelings and thoughts in accurate, unambiguous ways.
  • People's conscious thoughts are sometimes contrary to their subconscious thoughts and emotions, but those subconscious thoughts and emotions influence their actions.
  • Many people lie if they think that expressing their true feelings will make them appear foolish or politically incorrect.
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News Release
News information written by an organization and distributed to media outlets, with the hope that they will use it as the basis of a written news story. (The term is essentially synonymous with "Press Release".)
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Nonresponse Error
When doing market research using surveys, some people will be unreachable, such as people without a phone when conducting the survey over the phone, people with only a cell phone when conducting a phone survey in a jurisdiction that does not allow you to call cell phones, or people who are never home during the hours you call.

These people will not be randomly distributed. Particularly gregarious people are out more often and, therefore, less reachable. People who are more into modern technologies are probably more highly represented among the group of people who only have cell phones and not landlines (except in developing countries where cell phones are a way of getting around the absence in wired lines).

In addition, some people will simply refuse to answer your survey. The same character traits that led them to refuse to answer your survey may have affected their responses if they had in fact responded.

These groups of nonresponders will be, at best, underrepresented or, possibly, unrepresented in your survey results, meaning the results will not be a reflection of the entire market. This error is known as nonresponse error.
Contributed by: MarcommWise Staff
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