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Omnibus Research
Research that is conducted by a market research firm on behalf of a number of its clients simultaneously. Because several clients buy space in the same research vehicle the cost to each client is typically less than the cost of research conducted for a single research client or the cost that a company would incur if it conducted the research on its own.
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Opt-In E-mail
An Opt-In e-mail marketing campaign sends bulk e-mail messages, but only to lists of people who asked to join the list. (Some durisdictions have made "spam" -- the mass mailing of unsolicited e-mail -- illegal. In those jurisdictions, opt-in e-mail is the only legal form of bulk e-mail marketing.)
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  1. A person whose primary job function is to receive orders, likely over the phone, from customers and enter them on paper or into a  computer system, as appropriate, so the orders can be fulfilled by the vendor. In the case of orders received by order-takers, it is the customer who initiates the purchase transaction.
  2. A derogatory term for a salesperson who should be actively trying to sell products and or services to prospects, but instead more often just waits for customers to come to him or her and place orders with little prompting or encouragement from the salesperson.
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