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Paid Circulation
Distribution of a magazine or other publication to people, households or organizations that have paid a subscription fee. While the content of the publication tends to attract an audience with some common characteristics, the publication does not restrict readership based on those characteristics (see Controlled Circulation).
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Pass-Along Readers
Relevant to only print advertising, pass-along readers are readers who did not buy or subscribe to the publication (or receive it free directly from the publisher in the case of free publications). Instead, they read someone else's copies. Pass-along readership is relevant when evaluating the reach of a publication.
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See: Reach
The percentage of a market that a medium or an individual media vehicle reaches. Alternatively, the percentage of the market that a particular marketing message reaches, regardless fo the media vehicles used.
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Perceptual Mapping
A perceptual map plots all companies, products or services in a particular market on a graph showing how strongly each exhibits or, more precisely, is perceived to exhibit particular traits. This is typically a two dimensional graph showing two traits. A generic example might be price versus value, but each product/industry will likely have specific traits that are more salient in purchase decisions. The goal is to find a gap in the market that is not currently being served, but which the company doing the research can fill profitably.
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The automated customization of a marketing communication vehicle (using any medium) for the individual who will see it. This can be as trivial as inserting the individual's name or as complex as producing a unique presentation of the vehicle for each recipient based on the his or her needs, tastes or stated preferences.
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An advertisement (print or electronic) that is included with an advertisement for another product. Each part of the ad can typically also be run on its own.
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A free and positive mention of a company, product, service and/or event in any media vehicle.
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Position Charge
An additional fee, usually a percentage of the basic charge, charged to an advertiser that wants to specify where its ad will appear in a publication.
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Defining, within the minds of the market, a brand (corporate, product, or service) relative to the competition. It is the latter part of the definition -- i.e., relative to the competition -- that separates positioning from other marketing communications messages.
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Postal Walk
A geographical area defined by the post office based on letter carrier routes. When using the post office to distribute unaddressed mail, a postal walk is usually the narrowest level of specification you can use to geographically target distribution. (However if, for example, a postal walk contains both single family residences and apartment buildings you can usually choose to have the piece be delivered to just one type of residence.)
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Preemptible Rate
A discounted rate for a television or radio commercial time-slot. The catch is that the broadcaster retains the right to substitute another ad if another advertiser is willing to pay a higher rate for the time-slot. In that case, the first advertiser's payment is not forfeited, but his or her ad will not run in the desired slot.
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Press Kit
A package of various marketing communication vehicles, usually housed in presentation a folder, used to provide general background on the company and its products and services. The press kit typically contains a profile of the company (often called a "backgrounder") or an event, relevant press releases, product/services brochures, profiles and photographs of the key executives or, in the case of an event, key organizers.

It is so named because it is distributed primarily to the press as background information for a story they are writing or to try to encourage them to write a story about the company and/or event. The press kit, or a portion of it, may, however, also be given to industry analysts who want information on the company or to prospects and customers as part of the sales process.
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Press Release
News information written by an organization and distributed to the press, with the hope that they will use it as the basis of a written news story. (The term is often used interchangeably with "media release," however a media release implies a wider distribution -- to all media outlets -- than a press release. "Press Release" and "News Release" are virtually synonymous.)
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Press Tour
Often broader than a tour of just the press, it is a series of interviews held in the offices of publication editors, industry analysts and/or other industry influencers rather than in the sponsor's office.
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Price Discrimination
Also known as "discriminatory pricing".
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See: Discriminatory Pricing

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