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Price Lining
Targeting a specific market segment based on price. A retailer that practices price lining only carries goods that sell within a defined price range.
Prime Time
The most heavily watched television times -- (in North America: 8:00 - 11:00 pm, except in the Central time zone where it is 7:00 - 10:00 pm)
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All marketing activities designed primarily to persuade members of a target audience to take a specific action.
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Statistics denoting the attitudes and lifestyles of a particular segment of the market.
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Psychological Pricing
Setting the price of a product based on the wanted public perception for that product.
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Ads designed and produced for the advertiser by the publication in which they will appear.
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Public Relations
Mass-communications for which, unlike advertising, there is no direct payment from the originating organization to the media carrying the information. The vehicle is typically a news story picked up by one of the news media, but also includes company-controlled activities and vehicles such as annual reports, lobbying, special events, and so on.

The purpose is to communicate information about the organization and/or its products and services to audiences that may go beyond prospective customers, to include any other group that the organization wishes to influence, such as investors or governments.
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Mass-communications for which, unlike advertising, there is usually no direct payment from the originating organization to a mass media outlet. The purpose is to build awareness of and/or foster a desired attitude toward a particular company, product and/or service.
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Pull Quote
A quotation or statement that is separated (such as by placing it inside a box) from the rest of a document (brochure, article, white paper, etc). The quote or statement provides a very positive statement that emphasizes a point in the rest of the document. The quote may be a repetition of one used in the document or it may not appear anywhere else in the document.
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