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A newspaper approximately half the size size of a standard newspaper.
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Tag Line
A line of copy used on an ad or in a commercial that captures the theme of the advertisement or broader campaign and is placed prominently within it.
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Copy printed on the outside of a direct mail envelope to encourage the recipient to open, read and act on the piece.
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The use of telephones for marketing and sales. Telemarketing can be either outbound (the seller calls the prospective customer) or inbound (the prospect calls the seller, such as calling a toll-free number in response to an ad).

A distinction is sometimes made between telemarketing and telesales. In that case, telemarketing refers to solely the use of the telephone for marketing purposes (market research, lead generation, brand building, information dispersal, etc.), but not for closing sales. When this distinction is made, the term "telesales" is used to describe the use of the telephone to close sales.
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See: Telemarketing
A statement made by a customer endorsing a product, service or company. A testimonial may be a single customer quote or it may be integrated into other marketing material such as a case study about the customer's use of a company's product or service.
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There Is No Alternative. The brands that can't advertise in the mass media normally don't have any option rather than using unconventional ways of advertising, for example, in India cigarette companies can't advertise in the mass media, so they sponsor some sports events (Gold Flake Open-Tennis), liquor brands sponsoring sports events, celebrity live performance shows etc. These companies normally pay a huge amount for this kind of advertising because they dont have any other alternative to advertise their product.
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Tracking Study
Research on the effectiveness of advertising. A tracking study measures the affect that an ad or ad campaign has on brand and/or company awareness, top-of-mind and aided recall, interest, attitude and purchase intentions.
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Trade Advertising
Advertising directed at distribution channels (wholesalers, distributors, sales representatives, affiliates, value added resellers, retailers, etc.) rather than end-consumers.
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Legal protection given to a brand name and/or logo.
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The style, arrangement and appearance of the copy in the final version of marketing material. Typography is a design element chosen both for aesthetics, readability and, by setting a tone, to reinforce the marketing message.
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