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Advertising (miscellaneous)

Brand Republic
Brand Republic serves advertising, marketing, public relations and new media and it is the home of Campaign and Marketing magazines on the web.

Marketing: Living Up and Down the Dial (Inc. Magazine)
Article: As more companies pump up the volume of their radio advertising, here are 10 tips for making the most of your airtime.

Media Metamorphosis: Advertising in the Technology Age (HBS Working Knowledge)
Article: The media industry is undergoing a major transformation: In 1998, Internet advertising revenues from national advertisers surpassed those of two rival media categories, network radio and billboards. What forces are driving this volatile industry? What does the future look like for media competitors, advertisers, and their agencies? HBS professor Alvin Silk has long studied such issues, identifying forces both inside and outside the media industry that are influencing its rapid evolution and exploring the impact of Internet advertising on the industry as a whole. His research points to a future fraught with increasing rivalry and change.

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