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Identifying and leveraging brand equity: a 21st century approach (Quirk's Marketing Research Review)
Article: This article is adapted from a speech presented as part of the American Marketing Association’s Executive Forum Series “Corporate Branding: Leveraging Your Company’s Key Intangible Asset” in New York in February.

Linking a brand's equity to its identity (Quirk's Marketing Research Review)
Article: What is brand identity and how can knowing it increase your bottom line?

Marketing: Honeys, Hand Me a Polygamy Porter (Inc. Magazine)
Article: Can chutzpah build a brand? Greg Schirf is betting the head off his lager that it can.

Metaphor Marketing (Fast Company)
Article: Harvard Business School professor Jerry Zaltman makes pictures that reveal our deepest feelings about your favorite brands. Can he scan your brain and unlock the images that lie within?

More Than A Name: The Role of Brands in People's Lives (HBS Working Knowledge)
Article: In five years of research and hundreds of lengthy interviews, HBS Professor Susan Fournier has delved into the complex relationship of consumers to brands. Her work, including a new typology of 15 types of consumer-brand relationships—from the "secret affair" to the "marriage of convenience"—offers new insights and perspectives for academics and executives alike.

Peeling Back the Global Brand (HBS Working Knowledge)
Article: The global brand is a hard nut to crack. In a session devoted to these seemingly all-powerful brands, professors and practitioners exposed the fault lines.

Strategic planning process (Quirk's Marketing Research Review)
Article: Identifying and leveraging the corporation’s brand equity.

The Inner Doughboy
How an army of admen battle to define and protect the true nature of the Jolly Green Giant, the Pillsbury Doughboy and other advertising spokescharacters.

The New Appeal of Private Labels (HBS Working Knowledge)
Article: No longer just cheap imitations that undermine margins and weaken product categories, private labels now offer a range of opportunities for savvy manufacturers. In this excerpt from an article in the Harvard Business Review, David Dunne and Chakravarthi Narasimhan use one firm's experience to show that premium private labels can be not only viable but a major force in consumer goods.

The Right Way to Kill a Bad Brand (HBS Working Knowledge)
Article: Even bad brands have good customers. Can you get rid of the former without alienating the latter? Sure -- but it's not easy. A Harvard Business Review excerpt.

Why Have Marketers Ignored America's Man-of-Action Hero? (HBS Working Knowledge)
Article on the use of "man-of-action heroes" in American marketing.

Will American Brands Be a Casualty of War? (HBS Working Knowledge)
Article: Does your U.S. brand play well overseas? If so, heed the words of Harvard Business School professor John Quelch: A swelling anti-American tide could wash away the international popularity of U.S. brands.

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