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Consumer Markets

The Consumer Anthropologist (HBS Working Knowledge)
Article: The problem with focus groups? They take consumers out of their natural habitat. So welcome the idea of ethnographic market research, which uses the anthropologist's tool kit of methods and theories.

The Subconscious Mind of the Consumer (And How To Reach It) (HBS Working Knowledge)
Article: Harvard Business School professor Gerald Zaltman says that 95 percent of our purchase decision making takes place in the subconscious mind. But how does a marketer reach the subconscious? Zaltman explains in this Q&A.

Untangling psychographics and lifestyle (Quirk's Marketing Research Review)
Article: The terms “psychographics” and “lifestyle segmentation” have permeated the marketing literature and practice over the last several years. The intent of this short review is to clarify what is meant by these ill-defined and imprecise terms. This article provides a brief overview of how consumer psychologists view the components that drive human behavior.

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