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Integrated pharmaceutical marketing: Ideas for a new vision (eyeforpharma.com)
Article: From time to time, every community needs to take a fresh look at the ideas that govern its enterprise. Marketing is no different.

Introducing EIM (Enterprise Incentive Management): The key to improving pharmaceutical sales performance (eyeforpharma.com)
Article: David Blume, UK General Manager and European sales director of Callidus Software, discusses the part that EIM (Enterprise Incentive Management) can play in improving the performance -- and therefore the health, wealth and happiness - of pharmaceutical sales teams.

Marketing roadmap for pharmaceutical companies - communication, education and validation (eyeforpharma.com)
Article: An integrated approach throughout a pharmaceutical product's marketing lifecycle, coupled with the right toolset, can maximize online marketing efforts and increase sales and brand awareness.

Marketing Your Campground for the Next Millennium
Originally presented as a two-hour marketing seminar at the Northeast Campgrounds Assn's Eastern Conference On Camping Areas (Sturbridge, Massachusetts - March 1996)

Position Your Bank & Products as Gateways to Desired Experiences (BankersOnline.com)
Article: Baby boomer's (born between 1946 and 1964) are the fastest growing, wealthiest, best educated and most sophisticated of purchasers. To better capture and keep these consumers marketing and sales communications must create motivating communications, effective sales presentations and service improvement programs. ...

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