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This site includes market research articles, news, company and e-mail directories, an employment board, and more.

A searchable marketing research database listing field services and focus group facilities.

Major markets -- major mistakes? (Quirk's Marketing Research Review)
Article: How preconceived notions about markets can devalue your research

Market Research Meets the "People Factor" (HBS Working Knowledge)
Article: Great market research doesn't always lead to great results. Why? After a close look at sources of friction between managers and market researchers, HBS professors Gerald Zaltman and Rohit Deshpand‚ have ideas on how the two groups might better see eye to eye.

A directory listing full service organizations, focus facilities, test kitchens, field services, malls, WATS houses, moderators, transcribers, recruiters and tab houses. Listings are for the United States and 75 other countries and are categorized by service type and location.

Sharpening the Focus of Focus Groups (HBS Working Knowledge)
Article: Focus groups can run aground for many reasons, yielding information that's of little use to your business. Here's how to glean the facts you need, according to Kirsten Sandberg in the Harvard Management Communication Letter.

Survey Says? Identify Your Objectives (HBS Working Knowledge)
Article: Done right, surveys can reduce new product risk; generate insights about employees, customers, and markets; and align communications programs with target constituencies. But done poorly, they can derail your organization.

The differences between mystery shopping and marketing research (Quirk's Marketing Research Review)
Article: Both mystery shopping and marketing research are long-established tools to help businesses and organizations operate more effectively. These research services share common goals in providing businesses with information critical to their success. However, mystery shopping and marketing research vary widely in technique and process. With this in mind, mystery shopping should not be used to replace marketing research, but rather to complement an organization’s marketing and operational knowledge.

Why market research is a waste of money (and what you can do about it) (Quirk's Marketing Research Review)
Article: Market research is not only a waste of money, it is also a waste of time and human resources. Market research causes product launch dates to slip and new product champions to have ulcers. It makes entire organizations tentative, indecisive. It inspired the phrase “analysis paralysis.” And that’s the good news.

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