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Aggregation of Marketing Glossaries
Aggregation of links to marketing glossaries online

Bootstrap Marketing: Taking on Procter & Gamble (Inc. Magazine)
Article: She may not have the resources of her giant competitors, but Amilya Antonetti is making her own mark in the soap business, one customer at a time.

Building a Marketing Juggernaut (Inc. Magazine)
Article: How did Aquascape's Greg Wittstock--the "Pond Nazi" to his rivals--get so successful so quickly? One key reason: He created an army of loyal customers by teaching them how to make money.

BusinessandLaw (marketing section)
This link takes you directly to the marketing section. BusinessandLaw is a comprehensive source of information on, as the name implies, business and law topics.

Campaign management comes of age (BtoB Magazine)
Article: New technologies enable vendors to build products that provide increasingly complex tracking and analysis

Candy in Bags and other U.S. Oddities (HBS Working Knowledge)
Article: Europeans face real challenges in understanding the mind of the American consumer. A discussion of European and American consumption habits.

Commodity Busters: Be a Price Maker, Not a Price Taker (HBS Working Knowledge)
Article: Too many businesses are price takers, not price makers. That means they are willing to lower prices to capture market share or to sign up a marquee customer. But Harvard Business School professor Benson P. Shapiro says don't let your ego get in the way of good business sense. Here are seven steps toward naming your own price.

Communication Research
Includes Internet resources on communication, advertising, public relations and ecommerce.

Historical Perspective: Levitt Shaped the Debate (HBS Working Knowledge)
Article: Theodore Levitt’s work was outrageous—and outrageously smart. HBS professors Richard S. Tedlow and Rawi Abdelal put “The Globalization of Markets” in perspective.

How Marketing Can Reduce Worldwide Poverty (HBS Working Knowledge)
Article: Marketing to the world's poorest customers? There's no contradiction, say HBS professor V. Kasturi "Kash" Rangan and research associate Arthur McCaffrey. In fact, the marketing profession can play a huge role in alleviating global poverty.

How Parker Bros. Created Monopoly Mania (HBS Working Knowledge)
Article: In a bet-the-company strategy in 1935, Parker Brothers decided to put everything it had behind its new game, Monopoly. Good move. An excerpt from The Game Makers.

Krislyn's Strictly Business Sites
An extensive hand-selected list of marketing and communication information sites.

Marketing Bulletin
The Marketing Bulletin is a refereed journal that provides a forum for disseminating ideas and information relating to the theory and practice of marketing and marketing research.

Marketing North America
Whether you're looking for ad agencies, new job opportunities, tradeshows or brand strategy specialists, you'll find the resources you need here. Features 19 subject categories, featured sites and hundreds of useful marketing links. Submissions welcome.

Marketing on $0 a Day (Fast Company)
Article: Marketing on $0 a Day

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