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Marketing Online: from the publisher of Marketing Magazine
A Canadian marketing and advertising industry website. Features daily news, comment and a career post, plus a searchable database of 4,300 agencies and their clients.

Marketing: Underrated, Undervalued and Unimportant? (Accenture)
Article: How do companies measure the economic contributions of an activity long considered unmeasurable -- and do so within the context of the company's existing organization structure?

New, Rigorous Approaches to Quantifying Marketing's Value (Accenture)
Article: CEOs and marketing executives need no longer simply wish for more marketing accountability. Analytical techniques such as econometric modeling, brand health analysis and others are improving marketing accountability and return on investment.

Permission Marketing (Fast Company)
Article: Internet marketing pioneer Seth Godin says he wants to change the way almost everything is marketed to almost everybody. Will you give him permission to come in and show you the future?

Marketing directory and information on the web.

Tease Your Customers (HBS Working Knowledge)
Article: Is pandering passe? Kowtowing kaput? Stephen Brown introduces retromarketing, a back to buzz way of positioning your products. You want it? Can't have it. Learn how some good old-fashioned teasing can make your product irresistible to customers.

The Six Forces of Marketing Momentum (HBS Working Knowledge)
Article: If you want your product to be more than a one-hit wonder, customers need to know that it has staying power. Here are six ways to help you convince them, according to Ron Ricci and John Volkmann in this excerpt from their book, Momentum: How Companies Become Unstoppable Market Forces.

The Virus of Marketing (Fast Company)
Article: When it comes to getting a message out with little time, minimal budgets, and maximum effect, nothing on earth beats a virus.

This is a Marketing Revolution (Fast Company)
Article: Capital One is winning big in the cutthroat world of credit cards by changing the rules. Its mission: Deliver the right product, at the right price, to the right customer, at the right time. Its method: Never stop testing, learning, or innovating.

Want a Happy Customer? Coordinate Sales and Marketing (HBS Working Knowledge)
Article: In today's hyper-competitive world, your sales and marketing functions must yoke together at every level -- from the core central concepts of the strategy to the minute details of execution. Harvard Business School professor Benson Shapiro on creating the customer-centric team.

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