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Creating a One Page Marketing Piece

By: Robert Middleton

Robert Middleton, of Action Plan Marketing in Palo Alto, Calif., has helped hundreds of professional service businesses attract new clients and get paid what they're worth.

His website is a resource for marketing professional services. Visit it at Action Plan Marketing.

Do you have a good one-page marketing piece that lets your clients know what you do? In these days of high stress and tight deadlines it seems people have less and less time to read, so it's useful to have the essentials of what you do on one page. This page can be copied on your letterhead, and then handed in person, mailed, or faxed to your prospective client.

The job of such a piece is to give the reader an instant impression of what you do and how you can be of service. Sometimes it's all you need. There are many ways to approach this successfully, but here's a few tips that I've found useful in creating such pieces for my clients.
  1. First, know your audience. Are you selling to an individual, or to large or small companies? Have they used your kind of service before or do you need to educate them? What offer might stimulate them to take action?

  2. A good opening paragraph may be to paint a picture of the situation or problem your client experiences. -- "No matter how much you work to improve your processes, things still don't run smoothly. There are missed deadlines, cost overruns and misunderstandings between your departments."

  3. Next tell them how it could be. -- "Processes are important, but when essential communication skills are improved and employees understand how their work contributes to the whole, you will see increases in effectiveness that immediately effect the bottom line."

  4. Now tell them what your company does to turn #2 into #3. -- "Action Plan Communications works with Silicon Valley manufacturers to help them solve technical and manufacturing problems through our "Communication for Results" training program."

  5. Go into more detail and give features and benefits. -- " "Communication for Results" works because we don't work with abstract principles but with actual on-the-job issues in your company. All our trainers have a minimum of five years experience as a successful line supervisor or manager in a high-tech company. We are so confident that our training programs will increase the overall effectiveness of your manufacturing environment that we'll refund your money if you are not completely satisfied."

  6. Give more credibility and go for the close. -- "Employees from over 600 Silicon Valley companies have taken the "Communications for Results" training program and gave it a 4.87 average rating out of a possible 5. We'd be happy to offer a complimentary in-house demonstration of our training in your company. Call us today.
Get the idea? Of course you need to adapt this to your particular situation, but it's easier than you may think to create a powerful one-page marketing piece.

© Copyright 2000, Robert Middleton

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