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Repeat Customers Key For Web

By: Kevin Nunley

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Back at the height of the Internet boom, I remember hearing a business researcher say sooner or later web sites would run out of new customers.

At the time, he sounded like a grouch trying to rain on the dot-com parade, but that day has come.

Just like a new restaurant or store, you get a lot of visitors at the grand opening.  After a few weeks things settle down and fewer new faces come through the door.

Web sites are going through that phase right now.  While most of us had grown accustomed to a steady stream of new customers, we are now having to figure out ways to keep our old customers coming back.

And this is as it should be.  Eighty percent of the business most companies get is from customers who have bought before.

Keep people coming back by offering reliable service, being friendly, checking on them after the sale, and sending postcard or email reminders from time to time.  Repeat customers will become your bread and butter.

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