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Switching Business Language To People Language

By: Kevin Nunley

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Many industries are in the habit of using business language. It is not too different from lawyer language.

You get a memo that starts: Pursuant to yesterday's communication between the concerned parties....

Eh?  You will get far better response from your marketing and customer service materials if you switch business language to people language.

"As per your request" becomes "as you requested."
Change "enclosed please find" to "here is."
Rather than "in the event that," simply use "if."
"It is in our considered opinion" is shortened to "we think."

Business language is slow reading for people who aren't used to using it all day.  Many folks give up if they have to read it.

Plain, simple, everyday language will grab more people.  It is clearer and easier to understand.

Business language also tends to hide your personality.  It is all dressed up in somebody else's cloths.


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