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Five Easy Ways To Do Business Automatically With Autoresponders

By: Kevin Nunley

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Most business-building ideas won't work unless you make the time to do them.  If your day is already jam packed with work, family, and life in general, adding one more business builder can seem out of the question.

Autoresponders are an exception.  These simple software gizmos can be set up in minutes, then left to run automatically for years.  When someone requests your autoresponder messages, they get the first one instantly, then are emailed additional messages over time.

Here are five easy ways to do more business automatically with autoresponders.
  1. Instant sales information, again and again.  I love to put an autoresponder address at the end of classified ads.  Not only can the prospect request your info, your autoresponder can send it to them instantly, then keep additional information coming to them day after day.

    I use a 10 message autoresponder to provide information on a business opportunity.  My site tells people to type in their name and email address for more information.  They instantly get a message with their name on it.  Another message comes the next day and the next.  Then the autoresponder waits a few days before sending the fourth message.  Because not everyone wants to buy right away, the autoresponder gets back with the prospect each week for several months.

    This gives you the follow-up method that most selling requires. Rather than having to go through your rolodex each day and call prospects, your autoresponder contacts them automatically.

  2. Follow-up after the sale.  Customers rank follow-up after the sale the number one shortcoming for most businesses.  One smart entrepreneur has an autoresponder send a thank you note the moment the customer places an order.  The note offers additional help via email or phone.  Several days later a second email arrives with news of a new offer.  Finally a third messages goes out two weeks later checking on the customer's satisfaction with their purchase.

  3. Deliver a timeless newsletter.  Nothing builds consistent sales like your own email newsletter.  But not everyone has the time or information to send out an email newsletter each week.

    Instead, put together a six to ten issue newsletter that has timeless information.  Include offers and purchase tips. Load it into your autoresponder, then advertise your newsletter on your web site and in your print materials.

  4. Create your own course.  People love to get how-to information to solve specific problems.  Make a list of the question or problems your customers bring to you most often. Write down the questions along with their answers.  You can combine these with articles by experts to create your own email course.

    I have a number of email courses that have been consistently popular for years.  One has been requested by thousands of people--which leads us to strategy five.

  5. Build a house email list.  Most autoresponder systems keep a list of everyone who has requested your information.  You can use the list to send out a periodic update or newsletter.  We use the list from my email course to send out a "Course Newsletter" once each month.  It is a great way to reach thousands of people who have a proven interest in our information.  They make great customers.
You can get good autoresponders from a lot of places.  Your web site host may provide them for you., one of the original autoresponder providers, is one of the best with reliable service, a great control system, and fast response. is also popular.  Both cost about $20 per month.  One good free option is

Expect free services to be a bit slower in delivering your message and experience outages from time to time.  If a service offers a trial period, try it and watch for messages that get lost or slow delivery.

Keep in mind that spam filtering will sometimes filter out your messages even though the prospect requested them.  Keep your messages on hand.  Invariably you will get a few interested prospects who say "I missed message 5..can you send it to me?"

While lots of Internet systems promise automated ecommerce, autoresponders are one of the few ways to put important aspects of your operation on autopilot.

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