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Getting an Appointment

By: Kevin Nunley

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Sometimes selling your product or service can be easier than getting the actual appointment. No matter how hard you try, you just can't seem to get the prospect to agree to meeting you face to face. Here are a few tips that may help.

At first, it is important to sell the appointment, not your service.  Trying to get a contract over the phone is difficult. The appointment is when you will do the actual selling.

Ask questions where the answer must be "yes." "Would it be better for us to meet on Monday or Tuesday?" The prospect probably will pick one or the other and--bingo--you have the appointment.  You might make your dates even more specific, "I have Monday at 10am and Tuesday at 2pm open. Which would work best for you?"

Asking for the prospect's help can be very effective. If the prospect says that he doesn't want to meet with you, ask her what you would have to say in order to convince her that your service can work. This way, the prospect will be telling you exactly how to overcome her objection.

Above all, don't push! After a few failed attempts to get an appointment, it is better to take a fall-back position. Tell him you understand he is not ready to make any decision. Ask for a follow-up appointment for a later time.

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