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By: Kevin Nunley

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If you own a web site, you probably have written an article or two for it. One of the best free promotion strategies is to send your articles to publications looking for articles.

Of course, we all know about ezines that use articles, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Many other publications need a steady supply of articles, too. Most of these options are right in front of you.

Send your articles to your local newspaper. Many have sections for reader-written articles. Others can easily convert your article with good advice into a feature story. Magazines of all sizes look for articles from freelance writers. In many cases you will need to contact the editor first and suggest your article topic.

Pennysavers and shoppers--those free or cheap newspapers that carry all ads such as Thrifty Nickle or The Recycler--are an easy way to get your articles in front of the public. Many of these papers like short articles to break up the endless array of classified ads.

Trade publications read by those in your own profession can be very effective.  News about your profession is considered important in these, whereas in a larger publication, it might be thought of as insignificant.

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