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How to Get a Great Headline That Makes Sales

By: Keller Flynn

Keller Flynn offers the full spectrum of tools, ideas and action steps needed to create and run a successful affiliate program. Reach him at or 801-328-9006. Get his Extra Money Newsletter at to learn more about how you can profit from the affiliate boom.

Doug has spent countless hours and hundreds of dollars advertising, however nothing seems to work. "I've tried everything," he said. "Ezines, articles, ads....I just can't seem to sell my product." What is Doug doing wrong? It isn't that his copy is bad, it's his headline!

Headlines are something many of us overlook. It may seem like an insignificant detail, however headlines do more than just get attention. They help lure your prospects into the body of your ad copy by promising them useful information. To draw a reader into the copy, you must arouse their curiosity. You could do this with humor, intrigue, or mystery.

Try asking a question: "Are you earning as much as you should?

Make a provocative statement: "You don't have to pay taxes this year."

You could promise a reward: "Collect your free e-book today only."

Provide news: "New Felix 2004 released with promisses to improve productivity.

Or use your headline to draw attention to valuable information: "Learn how to forecast rain days ahead of time."

Three important things to ask yourself before writing a headline are: 1) Who is my customer?, 2) What are the important features of the product?, and 3) Why will the customer want to by the product? When you have the answer to number three, you will know the key selling point that you will want to feature in your headline.

Headlines should appeal to the reader's self-interest. "Why Swealter Though Another Hot Summer?" or "The Answer to Deep-Clean, Oil-Free Skin!". These headlines get the reader's attention by offering them something they are looking for.

A headline can also give news. These headlines often use words such as new, discover, introducing, announcing, and it's here. Perhaps the most effective word to use is free. No word is more powerful in the copywriter's vocabulary. Everyone wants to get something for free! Other attention-getting words are sale, quick, bargain, and last chance. Don't avoid these words because they are seen so often. The reason they are used is they work!

Many people read the headline, but skip the rest of the ad. Sometimes it pays to have a complete statement in your headline. Try to have the brand name and the selling promise in the headline. You can have an effective headline without including the product name, but if you think that your readers won't bother to read the copy underneath, then definitely put it in.

Remember, the headline is the part of the ad that gets attention. And getting a customer's attention is the first step in persuading them to buy your product.

© Copyright 2002, Keller Flynn.

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