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Give Away Something for Free!

By: David McKenzie

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Whether you operate your online business selling your own products or re-selling other peoples’ products through affiliate programs, you need to give away something for free.

Like it or not, people online virtually expect to receive something for free before they buy. In fact it is only usually after they have received your free offer and have satisfied themselves about the quality of the information before they go on to buy.

It is even more important to give away quality free information when you consider that your competitors are giving away something for free. If you are not giving away something for free, these visitors (or potential customers) will go elsewhere – somewhere where they can get free stuff.

What should you give away? What can you offer?

Here are 3 things you could give away free to your visitors:
  1. A Free Ebook

    Give a free ebook away on your web site or as a free bonus when signing up to your newsletter. I personally download free ebooks all the time. Most of them have really good information. It does not have to be that long; an ebooklet could be 10 to 20 pages long.

  2. A Free Email Course

    Develop an email course available by autoresponder and give it away free. It could be just a simple 5 day email course on internet tips. Anything of value you think you could give away for free. At the moment email courses are very popular.

  3. Free Membership

    Consider offering a members only section on your web site and give away a free trial membership. You could offer the first month for free. People really love being part of a members only area and if you give away a free trial period it gives them a chance to see what they might be missing out on.
The big benefit about giving away free stuff is that you get a very important item – an email address. An email address can be your source for internet success.

As most people only start considering buying something after being exposed to an offer more than 5 times, you really need to get that email address. By giving away something for free you can ask for the email address in return.

Instead of just a casual 1 time visitor you might get a customer for life. All because you gave away something for free!

© Copyright, David McKenzie, 2002

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