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Get Your Customers to Say "YES"

By: Kevin Nunley

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Many of us dread the part during the sales process where we have to ask for the order, especially if the customer says "no".  What happened? It seemed like the customer was with you all along.

They were smiling and nodding their head. What could have gone wrong? Often, the problem is that the sales person never really answered all of the questions in the customer's mind. If the questions don't get answered, you won't make the sale.

Any objections the customer has should be sought out and resolved during the presentation. This way, the sales person can judge how well the sale is going and see if the customer is motivated to buy.  This process gets your customer to say "yes!".

The process isn't really that difficult.   It involves being a good listener and making sure you stop at certain points in your presentation to let the customer talk.  Obviously, you need to rehearse your presentation.  Tell about your product or service.

But, you also must develop a series of questions that will usually get "yes" for an answer.  For example, "Doesn't that give you peace of mind knowing your family will be safer?" will often bring a "yes" answer.  If the customer answers no to a question, a safe approach is to ask "Really? Why?" This directs the conversation back to them.  Listen to what is on their mind and see if you can help revolve the issue.

Get the customer into a habit of saying yes to your questions. By the end of your presentation, it should be easy for you to say "Do you feel this product is what you have been looking for?"  When the customer answers yes, it's time to write up the order!

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