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Budget Marketing--7 Ways to Market on a Tight Budget

By: Kevin Nunley

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Here's a catch-22 for you: When business is at it's slowest and the money is barely trickling in, that's when it becomes mandatory to focus your attentions on marketing. However, these are the times when you have the least money to invest in marketing. What's a business owner to do?

There are always going to be rough times in any business. But those business owners who sit on their hands and do nothing, idly waiting out their dry spell, will wake up one day to find that they are out of business. The wise business owner will cultivate ways to deal with these rough times without going under. In other words, you must learn to market your business on a budget.

Here are a few cheap and easy marketing methods that won't drain your bank account:
  1. Get on talk radio and promote for free. There are talk radio stations in every community across America, and most music and news radio stations feature at least one talk program each week. These shows need a steady stream of interesting guests and experts to add content to the program and get listeners calling in.

    Most radio hosts are happy to let you plug your business, product or service at the end of the show. Speak your phone number and web site address clearly so interested listeners can jot them down.

    To find out what opportunities exist in your area, start by finding talk radio stations in your area. Look through the yellow pages, tune up and down the dial, and listen to individual shows to learn more about the topics discussed. Call the station and ask to talk to the host or show producer, then tell them about your expertise and what information you could bring to their listeners. You'll find that most are more than willing to at least hear you out.

  2. Create your own marketing materials with desktop publishing programs. These programs are easy to learn and use, so after a few hours of study, you'll know your way around well enough to create simple marketing materials. If you aren't confident in your design skills, find a sample piece to model yours after.

  3. Get a toll-free number and watch your calls increase overnight. Long distance is pretty cheap these days, but most people will still hesitate to call a long distance number. If you have a toll-free number, there is nothing standing between you and your potential customers.

  4. Advertise in specialty and neighborhood newspapers. These papers are usually lying around for anyone to pick up, which means they are picked up frequently. Whenever someone is stuck waiting for a friend at a coffee shop, or in the line at the post office, they will flip through these newspapers and see your ad.

  5. Buy cable TV ads. Now anyone, no matter how tight their budget, can advertise on television. Cable rates are incredibly cheap, and you can even target your commercials to specific parts of the city.

  6. Get the cell phone package with the most minutes and give your number to everyone. When customers can get a hold of you anytime of the day or night, you can connect to more person-to-person sales.

  7. Give away or sell your own video. Statistics show that even the poorest people in the United States own a TV and VCR. One friend of mine sold hundreds of his videos, telling how he earns a living selling antiques on eBay.

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