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How to Find Talk Radio Station and Become a Guest On-Air

By: Kevin Nunley

Kevin Nunley provides marketing advice, copywriting, and promotion packages. See his 10,000 free marketing ideas at Reach Kevin at or 801-328-9006.

Talk radio is one of your best no-cost promotion methods. There are thousands of talk radio stations, and stations that feature talk programs. Each of these need fresh topics and guests around the clock and every day of the year.

Obviously, John Wilson knows this. He wrote this week asking if I could show him how to find talk stations, then how to get a guest slot on them.

I told him first check into They have the best, most affordable list of media we've used. Their annual media guide is a classic.

The "Radio TV Interview Report" is the major trade publication in talk radio. Check it out at

One overlooked way to find out about radio stations is to look them up in the phone book. The yellow pages usually lists all the stations in town. Call the station, fax over your fact sheet or press release, then ask if you can present your "interesting tips and information" on a show.

How do I know this? I worked across the hall from a talk radio station for years. I used sit around the lobby and talk with the guests, who ranged from the Governor, to accountants, to rock stars, to plumbers, to psychics, with just about everybody else in between.

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