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Marketing With Voice Mail
  By: Kevin Nunley
Voice mail has become a great way for business people to avoid salespeople. Here are some strategies to beat voice mail at its own game.

Maximum Marketing - Minimum Budget
  By: Bonnie Jo Davis
The financial ruin of large companies is often achieved by incredibly expensive and glitzy marketing plans that do not take into account the company's ability to earn a profit. The most effective marketing techniques that allow a company to make a profit are those that are inexpensive or free.

Multicultural Markets--The Trillion Dollar Markets You Never Considered
  By: Alvin Apple
Multicultural marketing is fast becoming, not the trend, but the norm in America.

One-hour Marketing Solution
  By: Maria Marsala
There are people who have found ways to market with integrity and have lots of fun, too. If this describes you, then skip this article! Other people would rather be doing anything else - even getting a tooth pulled (well almost) - instead of marketing. If that describes you, then start marketing 60-minutes each day.

Product Launch Campaigns - the Lifeblood of the Business
  By: Edmond Hennessy
Everything needed to launch a successful new product introduction and roll-out campaign. This article includes a proven and mature launch methodology/approach, framework, implementation plan, techniques and tools to generate tangible results..

Putting Your Marketing on Automatic
  By: Robert Middleton
How to make the marketing process easier so it can be fit into a busy schedule.

Quick Ways to Boost Sales in a Slow Economy
  By: Kevin Nunley
A down economy closes a lot of doors for all business owners, but if you know where to look, and you have the right key, you can find and open a whole new world of doors. You never know-- recession may be the best thing that ever happened to your business.

Reaping The Amazing Benefits Of Writing E-Zine Articles
  By: Bonnie Jo Davis
Marketing on a budget is tough. This is a universal truth that all small business owners face. The most effective small business frugal marketing strategy available is writing and submitting articles to web sites, e-zines, magazines and newsletters.

Refine Your Marketing Budget for Tough Times
  By: Kevin Nunley
After a few years, most businesses establish a set formula for determining their marketing budget, usually a fixed percentage of revenue. But when economic times get tough, it's time to make a few alterations.

Runnerup Trophies Breed Society of Happy Losers
  By: John Malmo
The advertising business in America now gives more awards for creativity every year than there are total employees in all the advertising agencies combined. There are so many championships today that we have no more champions. And if there's one thing American business needs, it's more and better champs.

Saving Time and Energy: A 6 Step Process to Adopting New Technology
  By: Susan Friedmann
How do you identify what tools are best to promote your products and services and which are destined to be no more than a flash in the pan phenomenon, long on promise and short on follow-through? More importantly, how are you going to find the time to figure it all out? When you're busy running your business, finding the hours needed to learn about a new technology can be challenging enough -- spending all of that time and energy only to discover that something is really not for you is a frustration you don't need!

Seven Common Marketing Problems Solved by Marketing Operations
  By: Gary M. Katz
Corporate marketing groups especially bandwidth-challenged small-to-mid-sized departments can be so focused on tactics and fire fighting that they jeopardize their marketing investment. There is a tendency to overreact to events, to tackle symptoms rather than underlying fundamental problems and to jump at the opportunity to please the boss. Many times, this kind of tactical knee jerking may be fatal.

Signs That Sell!
  By: Kevin Nunley
Signs can have exceptional power in advertising, but there are a few important things to remember when making your sign.

Speed Kills on the Web!
  By: Lee Traupel
It's time to slow down and think strategically about what they want to do and then build marketing campaigns and processes that convey tangible value to their market demographics (read customers!).

Spice Up Your Banner or Sign
  By: Kevin Nunley
Boring signs and banners often get boring results. Spice up your sign for better results.

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Note: Searches will not find words, such as 'marketing', that appear in more than half of the articles or words less than five letters long.


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