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Bonus Pack
Packaging that provides the customer with additional quantity or something else extra at the same price as was previously charged for the regular product.
Bounce Back Offer
A promotion, such as a cents off coupon, that attempts to induce a repeat purchase of the product. The promotion is typically included inside the box so it can only be used on a future purchase, not the one that delivered the promotion.
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Boutique Agency
An ad agency that focuses on just one or a few services. It might, for example, just produce videos.
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Any name, symbol or other identifier used individually or in combination to identify the goods and/or services of a seller and differentiate them, on any tangible or intangible basis, from similar goods and/or services of competitors.
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Brand Extension
The development of new products, possibly in a different, but usually related product category under an existing brand name. The objective is to transfer some of the existing brand recognition and loyalty to the new product thereby accelerating the product's introduction into the market and lowering the costs of that introduction.
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See: Brand
Brand Manager
The manager responsible for the marketing and advertising of a brand.
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Brand Name
A brand identifier that can be spelled and spoken.
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The process of establishing the elements of a brand, including its name, identifying symbols and related marketing messages.
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Business Reply Card.
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See: Business Reply Card, Business Reply Envelope
Business Reply Envelope.
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See: Business Reply Envelope, Business Reply Card
Broadsheet Newspaper
A traditional size newspaper, which is folded in half along the horizontal when delivered to readers. This contrasts with a tabloid size, which is not folded other than vertically between pages.
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A single folded sheet of paper with printing on one or both sides that opens up to a single, large advertisement.
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An attachment that provides routing instructions for the associated material.
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Bulk Mailing
The mailing of a large number of identical marketing communication pieces at a reduced rate. (The quantity and other specifications required to qualify for bulk mail rates varies among different countries' post offices.)
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Buried Ad
An ad surrounded by other ads, thereby tending to be less likely to be seen by the reader.
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