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Galley Proof
The "final" copy, used for proofreading purposes, of all of the pages of any material that will be professionally printed. Unless errors are found, the galley proof will appear exactly as the material will be printed in production.
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An instrument instrument that measures galvanic skin response—the electrical conductivity of the skin as produced by persperation—to measure emotional arousal levels. Galvanometers are used in marketing research to measure the reaction to an advertisement by a subject in a study; i.e., does the ad interest/excite the subject.
Promotional item given away to a prospective customer - typically at a trade show, conference or exhibition.
Guerilla Marketing
Coined by Jay Conrad Levinson, guerilla marketing usually refers to using innovative and aggressive tactics to market on a very small or even non-existent budget.
In bound documents, the gutter is the margin space closest to the binding.
Contributed by: MarcommWise Staff
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