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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Building Customer Loyalty (DM News)
Article:Building customer loyalty is a monumental task. It is attempted by many and achieved by few. So what are the masses doing wrong? The answer most likely can be found on this list of popular mistakes associated with developing and executing a loyalty strategy.

A New Dawn for CRM: This Time It's B2 (Ivey Business Journal)
Article: CRM may have reached maturity, but according to this author, the business-to-business market is very fertile territory. But before CRM managers jump in, they should take a few steps back and learn some valuable lessons from business-to-consumer marketers. Here's a helpful, easy-to-follow blueprint for the B2B manager.

Best Practices: Customer Relationship Management (Ivey Business Journal)
Article: No one company has written the book on CRM. And rightly so, says this author, whose examination of how companies practice this much-talked about discipline led him to develop comprehensive guidelines for enhancing a company's returns from CRM.

Customer Service that Puts the "Ritz" in Ritzy (HBS Working Knowledge)
Article: The manager mantra is "Put the customer first." But what about the employees who deliver the goods and services? Paul Hemp, a senior editor at Harvard Business Review, stepped into the shoes of a Ritz-Carlton room-service waiter to find out.

Don't Get Buried in Customer Data - Use It (HBS Working Knowledge)
Article: Don't blame your CRM technology. Be smarter about collecting and using your data, says Jean Ayers in this article from Harvard Management Update.

Got Feedback? Facilitating Communication Between Companies and Consumers (HBS Working Knowledge)
Article: PlanetFeedback, a site developed by HBS alumni Betsey Cohen and Pete Blackshaw, offers the tool of empowerment for consumers. "Only 1 consumer in 25 will take the time to write or call to complain or compliment a company," says Bradshaw. "Those other 24 opportunities are going to waste."

Harmonize Customer Relationship Management with Customer, Channel and Brand Strategies (Accenture)
Article: Companies interested in achieving the full potential from their CRM initiatives will benefit significantly from understanding the interplay between four critical strategies with greatest direct effect on customers: customer, channel, brand and, finally, customer relationship management.

It's Time to Reinstall the 'R' in Your Customer Relationship Management Programs (HBS Working Knowledge)
Article: Customer relationship management (CRM) programs have become too much about the technology, not enough about the customer relationship, argues HBS professor Susan Fournier. Here is how to restore the proper balance.

Keeping Your Balance With Customers (HBS Working Knowledge)
Article: Using the Balanced Scorecard approach, Robert S. Kaplan, of Harvard Business School, and David P. Norton analyze the four essentials of customer management: customer selection, acquisition, retention, and growth.

Measuring Customer RelationshipsL What Get's Measured Really Does Get Managed (Ivey Business Journal)
Article: Is a satsified customer a loyal customer? Not necessarily so says the author of two books on CRM, who in this article makes the important point that satisfied customers can defect but customers who have a strong relationship rarely do.

The Perfect Business Apology
Learn how to tailor the perfect business apology to customers, associates, and partners through letters and verbal communication. See examples and learn when and how to effectively apologize.

Wake Up! Energizing Your Tired Customers (HBS Working Knowledge, Harvard Business School)
Article: Your customers know all your tricks. They are sick and tired of irrelevant products, unending marketing messages, and a growing string of broken promises. How can you get through to them again? Treat them as customers, not as consumers.

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