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Creative Latitude
Creative Latitude is a global initiative established to unite various creative disciplines for the purpose of unified promotion, education and ethical business practice. The website also provides detailed work profiles and links to creative professionals such as graphic designers, writers, photographers, and illustrators to help buyers find the talent they are looking for.

News-to-Use Newsletter
Quarterly Newsletter from Ripley-Woodbury Marketing Communications. Articles discussing all marketing-related topics. Archived articles appear on the site. Email version of the newsletter available for free. Subscription form on web site.

The Mind of the Market: Extending the Frontiers of Marketing Thought (HBS Working Knowledge)
Article: HBS Professor Gerald Zaltman makes metaphors come alive with his patented Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation Technique or ZMET, a process that draws on psychology, anthropology, neuroscience and other disciplines to delve deep into the mind of the consumer. In this interview, Zaltman talks about the imagery and inspirations behind this unusual market research tool.

Use the Psychology of Pricing To Keep Customers Returning (HBS Working Knowledge)
Article: When to charge for a product or service can be more important than how much to charge, says Harvard Business School professor John Gourville. If you want to build long-term loyalty with customers, you better understand the difference.

Why Docs Donít Wear White Coats Or Polo Shirts at the Mayo Clinic (HBS Working Knowledge)
Article: The Mayo Clinic works hard to build relationships with patients and their families. In this excerpt from Harvard Business Review, the authors explain how Mayo uses visual and experiential clues to tell a compelling story to customers.

WS&A White Papers on Strategic Planning and Research
collection of papers and strategy guides, updated periodically to assist marketers in growth and increased profitability.

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