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Contextual Marketing: The Real Business of the Internet (HBS Working Knowledge)
Article:Companies of the not-too-distant future will be able to reach out and touch their customers any time, wherever their customers may be. This excerpt from the Harvard Business Review explains how a few savvy companies are already getting a head start.

Cost Transparency: The Net's Real Threat to Prices and Brands (HBS Working Knowledge)
Article: Cost transparency is the new reality, says Indrajit Sinha in the Harvard Business Review, and "those managers who best understand the dynamics of cost transparency on the Net will be most prepared for the challenge."

Cyber-Marketing: Scouting the Digital Communications Frontier (HBS Working Knowledge)
Article: Marketers have a whole new game to learn in the digital revolution, and the greatest benefit, says HBS Professor John A. Deighton, will go to those who comprehend and embrace the new medium most quickly. But, adds Deighton, that's unlikely to be a simple task.

Does Your Product Have Buzz? Tap into an Online Newsgroup (HBS Working Knowledge)
Article: Thanks to online newsgroups, the term "word of mouth" has new meaning -- and new possibilities for learning from the market. HBS assistant professor David Godes teamed with Dina Mayzlin of Yale's School of Management to research online buzz and write an HBS working paper about it. Plus: Q&A.

eBrands: Building a Brand on the Web (HBS Working Knowledge)
Article: The "if you build it, they will come" days of the Web are behind us. The companies that make it from Web wannabe to the ranks of the online elite will be those that make brand-building a strategic priority, says Phil Carpenter, author of eBrands: Building An Internet Business At Breakneck Speed (HBS Press).

How to Acquire Customers on the Web (HBS Working Knowledge)
Article: Online music retailer CDnow was a pioneer in the development of affiliate marketing on the Web. But CDnow is hardly alone in its success: revenue-sharing marketing strategies have become a Webwide trend.

Search Engines and Promotions Made Clear
A guide, in plain English, taking you through the submission process clueing you in on special techniques that will push your listings higher.

Web Marketing Articles
Topics cover marketing your web site, boosting your search engine positioning, writing the creative content of a site and more.

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