Marcommwise are a Strategic Marketing Firm established in 1992 who were set up to tackle the issues faced by many small to medium sized businesses. We as strategic marketing consultants are ready to take your business challenges head on. We work with all industries and business sizes throughout Ireland. Whatever stage your business is at, if you are experiencing difficulties or looking to grow your business further, ultimately, we won’t let you down. Our professional marketing solutions are tailored to suit you and to get your business the best results.

How We Can Help:


Our marketing consultants will develop a successful marketing strategy plan and human resources strategy built around the specifics of your business, industry, and your customer base.


We will implement a strategy for you with our effective strategic resources to unlock your market so we can get you the best results possible.

Marcommwise has many years of experience in marketing strategy development and implementation to help produce better results for many business campaigns. We want to inspire and help grow your business to gain you a competitive advantage. Fergal Maher shares 7 steps you can use in this quick video.

Marketing Strategy Consultants

To achieve your business goals, you need an effective marketing strategy. A marketing strategy is a company’s objectives and goals combined into a comprehensive plan. It is designed to promote a product or service and get your message out there to the right market. A good marketing strategy plan will implement the most effective marketing methods based on a solid market researching and understanding of the marketplace. Our strategic methods include the following:

  • SWOT Analysis – It is a strategic planning technique used to determine and identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  • PEST Analysis – It is a framework method used to assess and monitor the micro environmental factors such as Political, Economic, Social, and Technology.
  • Marketing Mix Analysis (the 7 P’s) – the marketing mix includes Product, Place, Price, Promotion, Physical Evidence, People, and Processes.
  • An ultimate Unique Selling Point (USP) for your business.

Business Growth Advisers

As the leading marketing consultants in this business, we will focus on developing the right marketing strategy for your business. We develop business strategies that will get you results in the right way. We will get deep into your marketing and analyze and implement every angle to ensure your success. We know that every industry is unique and will require powerful marketing strategies both offline and online. This is where our experience and track record will speak for themselves. Your success is our business!

Clients We Have Worked With

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